Small Swell 2.0 Mid-Strength Ale

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The Brewery Qualifying Series, much like the world surfing qualifying series, is an opportunity for our brewers to test small-batch beers and see if they can make it into the Swell Brewing Co. core range.

Sometimes you just need a simple beer that can bob seductively among hastily wrapped bacon packets and melted ice in your esky while you’re camping at Yorkes. A beer you can crack before breakfast to remind you you’re living the good life.

This mid-strength pale ale is our ever-evolving ode to all-day drinkers. Zesty mandarin and citrus flavours are followed by a hint of pineapple. Low in bitterness and light in body, is there a better way to stock the esky?

STYLE: Mid-Strength Ale

MALTS: Ale, Vienna, Rolled Oats, Wheat

HOPS: Eclipse, Vic Secret


ALLERGENS: Gluten, Barley


ABV: 3.4%

SIZE: 375ml cans x 24 (4-packs)