Double Black Diamond Imperial Stout

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The signpost says, ‘Experts Only’, but you know all about the incredibly steep and sudden drop-offs, the narrow rock chutes, and the unexpected moguls. You are an expert. And, once you’ve made it off the mountain, you can settle in for a glorious après ski session while your nerves recover.

Thicker than motor oil with a satisfying earthy bitterness, this imperial stout is an explosion of rich dark fruit, bitter chocolate, and roasted specialty malts. Soft carbonation with just a hint of nitro provides a velvety smooth mouthful and ensures each sip glides across your palate with ease.

STYLE: Imperial Stout

MALTS: Ale, Dark Chocolate, Eclipse, Aurora, Roasted Barley, Brown Malt, Wheat, Oats

ALLERGENS: Gluten, Barley


ABV: 10%

SIZE: 375ml cans x 24 (4-packs)