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Salmon Creek Red IPA

Salmon Creek Red IPA

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Salmon Creek in Northern California is a tough hang. Locals joke it’s only good one day in a row. The ocean is so cold you get brain freeze when you duck dive and the intense currents and long paddle will suck out any strength you had left. And don’t forget the sharks. But when conditions do line up, Salmon will spit barrels and deep blue walls that make it all worth it.

This red IPA pours a bright ruby red and is characterised by a strong malt-driven body with a clean and bitter finish. Heady aromas of pine and citrus follow through to the pallet, where gentle floral spice swirls alongside sticky resin.


MALTS: Ale, Supernova, Roasted Wheat

HOPS: Galaxy, Citra, Centennial, Simcoe

ALLERGENSGluten Reduced (Click For More Info)


ABV: 6.0%

SIZE: 375ml cans x 24 (4-packs)
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