Getting Barreled Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

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Often referred to as the Holy Grail of the surf experience, getting barreled can be a transcendental experience. Prepare to be swaddled by a liquid cocoon as the world folds in on itself and Mother Nature's raw power spins and pitches around you. Try it once and you'll be chasing that high for the rest of your life.

Aged for 10 months in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels, this imperial stout is an explosion of rich dark fruit, bitter chocolate, and roasted specialty malts. The oak lends the brew a distinctive vanilla character and a subtle rye spice with a satisfying bourbon heat on the exhale.

STYLE: Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

MALTS: Ale, Dark Chocolate, Eclipse, Aurora, Roasted Barley, Brown Malt, Wheat, Oats

ALLERGENS: Gluten, Barley


ABV: 10%

SIZE: 375ml cans x 24 (4-packs)